Tailor-made solutions for hood cleaning in London, Ontario, are in demand more than ever. With the rise of commercial kitchens, efficient and reliable hood cleaning services have become necessary. Hood Cleaning London delivers comprehensive hood cleaning solutions tailored to meet varying demands from restaurants, hotels, and other facilities that operate commercial kitchens.

The key advantage of hiring London Hood Cleaning is our professional personnel. Granted, there are over a hundred other hood cleaning contractors in Ontario; we beg to differ. Our team of experienced professionals makes us stand out from the competition, and our expertise gives us an edge over all other providers in the trade.

We will inspect, clean, sanitize, and validate kitchen hood systems – the idea is for the entire exhaust system to qualify as safe to use. Our capacity is such that we can provide our services for large-scale commercial kitchens or small establishments. Our hood cleaning process is completed to the highest standards, using only approved degreasers and other cleaning materials to extend the life of your kitchen exhaust system.

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Hood Cleaning Service in London

Professional hood cleaning service is the key to a 100% safe and compliant commercial kitchen. Let London Hood Cleaning help you maintain your restaurant exhaust system from top to bottom. Our services include the following processes:

Detailed hood cleaning

Degreasing and sanitation

Exhaust system inspection

Fire suppression systems testing

Rooftop grease containment device installation

Filters replacement and cleaning

Ductwork cleaning

Ventilation control

Access panel installation

Exhaust fan hinge kit installation

Our commitment to customer satisfaction can’t be beaten. We deliver as promised every single time. Give us a call so we can commence work on your restaurant’s commercial kitchen hood cleaning and maintenance.


London Hood Vent Cleaning

One of five London, ON commercial kitchens, is ordered to close due to health code violations. And did you know that the main cause is a malfunctioning kitchen hood system?

It’s not a surprise that the maintenance and cleanliness of your exhaust system are under constant scrutiny by government health inspectors. The answer to this problem isn’t simple, but here at London Hood Cleaning, we take care of it so that you don’t have to.

Hood vent cleaning involves using chemicals and degreasers to eliminate grease and food residue from the hood, filters, fans, and ductwork. The process then moves on to sanitizing and deodorizing the entire area, eliminating bacteria and other harmful contaminants.

Because we only employ certified hood cleaners, all our hood vent cleaning services comply with local, state and federal regulations. Contact London Hood Cleaning today to help make your kitchen exhaust system safe and compliant.


London Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning

All accessible ductwork must be incorporated in a commercial kitchen exhaust cleaning. It’s one thing that an in-house cleaning crew will likely skip or ignore because dealing with ductwork is quite the burden, especially with the lack of proper cleaning equipment.

Aside from the ductwork, a kitchen exhaust cleaning also involves the fan, hood, filters, and other system parts constantly exposed to grime and grease buildup. For example, the exhaust fan collects and circulates grease from the kitchen equipment. If not properly addressed, the buildup could result in a fire.


London Kitchen Exhaust Hood Filters

Exhaust hood filters can either be reusable or disposable, and their maintenance must be included in the restaurant kitchen hood cleaning schedule. A regular checkup or inspection of these filters is a “must” for the system to function properly.

The exhaust system fitted on a commercial kitchen comprises interconnected components and parts, including hood filters. Neglecting to check the filters or replacing them with dirty ones will clog the exhaust hood, resulting in hazardous conditions due to the smoke and grease escaping the system.

Reusable filters should be removed from the hood, then washed and dried before reinstalling them. Disposable filters must be replaced at least every six months with a new one to maintain optimal efficiency for your kitchen exhaust system.

London Hood Cleaning offers a professional filter cleaning service – we use degreasing agents and other kitchen-safe chemicals to clean all types of hood filters. Call us if you require this service.


London Rooftop Grease Containment

By law, rooftop grease containment systems must be installed in buildings and facilities that produce so much grease. This provision applies to food establishments, i.e., restaurants, hotels, and other commercial kitchens.

Installing a rooftop grease containment device is crucial for the following:

  • Preventing roof damage due to grease buildup

  • Reducing fire hazards and smoke that could lead to costly penalties imposed by health inspectors

  • Keeping the kitchen exhaust system efficient and safe

Please allow qualified technicians to install a rooftop grease containment device on your building. This job requires specialized tools, so professionals should only handle it. Trust us, London Hood Cleaning, to do the job with impeccable precision and without compromising safety.


NFPA 96 for London Restaurants & Facilities

London Hood Cleaning follows the NFPA 96 industry standard when cleaning and handling restaurant kitchen equipment and exhaust systems. Food establishments need special attention and maintenance because of their critical role in the health and safety of employees and customers. The fact that these businesses serve food means they must meet certain standards and requirements set by the National Fire Protection Association.

An NFPA 96-compliant kitchen exhaust hood system is designed to remove grease, smoke, and steam from the commercial kitchen. The standard covers other aspects of the exhaust system, i.e., inspection procedures, cleaning frequencies, and maintenance protocols.

London Ontario Exhaust Fan Hinges Installation

Adding a hinge kit on an upblast exhaust fan is a practical investment for any restaurant because it makes the cleaning and maintenance processes easier. The hinge kit is a permanent support structure for the fan and prevents it from dropping or banging around during cleaning and inspection.

London Hood Cleaning offers your food service business custom exhaust fan hinges installation to help improve safety and efficiency in handling the fan. We use heavy-duty materials to ensure the hinges last long and perform their intended function.

Trust our team to choose and install a hinge kit on your upblast fan because:

  • We’ve done this before, and we know the right parts to use

  • We only use the best materials for our installations

  • Our costs are competitive, so you get value for money

Contact us today if you require an exhaust fan hinges installation service in London, Ontario and surrounding areas.


London Restaurant Cleaning Services

London Hood Cleaning offers restaurant-centric services, such as deep cleaning and degreasing kitchen surfaces and equipment. While kitchen exhaust cleaning is our primary service, we also offer restaurant cleaning services for facilities and businesses in the food service industry.

  • Cleaning walls, floors, ceilings, sinks, cabinets, and countertops

  • Detailing interior surfaces

  • Degreasing kitchen equipment, i.e., fryers and grills

  • Disinfecting high-traffic areas

  • Sweeping floors and mopping up spills

We offer the best bang for your buck because:

  • Our crew is experienced and certified to deliver safe cleaning services

  • We use non-abrasive chemicals to remove grease, grime, and contaminants

  • We inspect each appliance in detail before starting the job

  • Our technicians take extra caution when handling fragile objects and surfaces

Call us immediately if you believe these are enough reasons to work with us to address your kitchen cleaning needs!

London Pressure Washing Services

Pressure Washing Services and the built-up filth in any residential or commercial surface has become too much for scrubbing and mopping solutions. The situation requires a more effective technique, such as pressure washing.

London Hood Cleaning is a leading provider of exterior cleaning services with advanced pressure washers. We use high-pressure water jets to eliminate stubborn dirt and grime from the surface, leaving it clean as if it was brand new.

We pressure wash:

  • Building exteriors

  • Patios

  • Docks

  • Drive-ways

  • Garage floors

  • Parking lots

  • Concrete surfaces

  • Pool decks and more!

Our pressure washing services guarantee:

  • Quick results with minimal disruption to your personal life or business activities

  • Complete surface cleaning with no water puddles left around

  • No surface damage because we use the right pressure settings for each job

  • Long-lasting results due to the use of non-toxic cleaning agents

  • Reasonably-priced services that don’t compromise on quality and safety

We also offer this service to residential clients who require deep cleaning of their outdoor living spaces.


London Restaurant Equipment Cleaning

Equipment cleaning, especially in restaurants that operate at least five days a week, is essential to ensure proper performance and prolong their life span. Not only does it guarantee food and people are kept safe, but frequent repair costs due to wear and tear can also be drastically reduced.

Let London Hood Cleaning handle the responsibility of cleaning your restaurant equipment. We apply deep cleaning to the ovens, hoods, fryers, grills, and other kitchen equipment to eliminate debris, oils, grease, and other contaminants.

Our cleaners are equipped with an arsenal of sanitizers, cleaning agents, and specialized tools to ensure a spotless finish. Furthermore, they have been certified in manual scrubbing techniques and mechanical polishing processes for optimal results.


London Food Truck Hood Cleaning

Hood cleaning in a food truck may be different than in a standard restaurant because of the tight space and limited ventilation. But that doesn’t mean it can be neglected. Here’s our proven approach to food truck hood cleaning:

Step 1. Every session begins with an inspection. The goal is to determine the condition of the hood, its filters, and other components.

Step 2. The cleaning process is manual for most food truck hoods due to their size and structure. We use a combination of soaps, detergents, degreasers and water sprays to eliminate grease buildup from these surfaces.

Step 3. An industrial pressure washer is used to complete the job. Every nook and cranny will be cleaned and dried before reinstalling equipment or components.

Step 4. The last step requires saniti­zation using safe chemicals. The exhaust system must pass health department inspection with flying colours.

For best results, we recommend scheduling us for hood cleaning every three months or as often as your food truck requires.


​Kitchen Exhaust System Cleaning

Here at London Hood Cleaning, we are strong proponents of preventive maintenance in keeping a restaurant exhaust system clean. We specialize in cleaning kitchen exhaust systems and related equipment, i.e., fans and ductwork, so they continue performing efficiently.

Our cleaning process starts with an inspection phase that involves testing the fan’s power, ventilation and airflow. Afterwards, we will thoroughly clean the hoods, walls and other surfaces. No corrosive chemicals or bleaches will be used in this process.

We will also replace worn-out components and provide you with a detailed report and photographs of before/after results.


Commercial Cooking Operations

Commercial cooking operations generate large amounts of smoke, grease and odours that create an unhealthy work atmosphere. Professional cleaning is needed to eliminate these hazardous air contaminants.

London Hood Cleaning handles all commercial kitchen cleaning requirements to keep cooking in the safest possible environment. Our commitment to using non-caustic and non-toxic cleaning agents guarantees continuous success in health and safety inspections.


Fire Protection

London Hood Cleaning recommends the installation of the following to provide an additional layer of fire protection for commercial kitchens:

  • Automatic Fire Suppression System – Automatically extinguishes fires before they spread.

  • Grease Containment System – Traps grease to keep it from entering the exhaust system.

  • Heat-Resistant Insulation – Helps protect combustible materials near kitchen equipment.

  • Fire-Rated Ducts – Made of fire-resistant material, they contain fires that start in the ductwork.

By incorporating these and other systems, fire damage and smoke inhalation risk is drastically reduced.


Exhaust System

Keep the kitchen exhaust system on your commercial food service establishment up to code by guaran­teeing proper maintenance and repairs. London Hood Cleaning provides a wide range of services to ensure your system operates safely and efficiently.

Call our team if you require any of these services that relate to your exhaust system one way or another:

  • Exhaust fan repairs and replacements

  • Grease filter maintenance and cleaning

  • Ventilation system services

  • Damper replacements

  • Airflow testing and balancing

  • Code compliance inspections and reports

We’re always available to answer your questions and provide timely solutions.