London Rooftop Grease Containment

As someone who manages a commercial kitchen – be it a restaurant, hospital, hotel, or banquet hall – you know how critical it is to contain the grease your establishment produces. It’s not merely about maintaining a clean kitchen or complying with local regulations – it’s about protecting your workers and the environment around you.

Fire risk is the first concern, but grease can also spill over onto the roof of your building and cause long-term damage to its structure. The accumulation of grease on your rooftop is a dangerous combination of combustible material and water – a risk best managed through proper containment.

Like every other city in Ontario, London is home to many food service establishments, and they all need to take appropriate steps to contain the grease created by their businesses. London roofs should be outfitted with a rooftop grease containment system.

These systems are designed specifically for storing used cooking oil, grease, and other hazardous waste in a way that prevents it from entering water sources or becoming airborne. A properly installed and maintained rooftop grease containment system will ensure that the runoff from your kitchen is caught and stored safely and securely until it can be disposed of properly.

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London Rooftop Grease Containment

A rooftop grease containment system works like a massive filter – it captures the grease pulled from the air during the extraction process and collects it into a designated holding tank.

This system is designed to meet the requirements of NFPA 96, which outlines the standards for vent hoods and their grease containment systems. The rooftop grease containment system in any restaurant environment minimizes fire risk, limits water pollution, and controls air quality.

The system comprises a filter, a hood fan, an exhaust duct, and a grease trap or collection unit – all connected by metal pipes. The filter captures the grease particles before they even reach the hood fan while the hood fan pushes them down the exhaust duct and into the collection unit.

The collection unit is the largest component of a rooftop grease containment system, and it’s responsible for catching any remaining particles before they can escape into the atmosphere or run off into water sources in your vicinity. The collected grease is stored safely away for proper disposal, which will come later.

And while there are other containment solutions, such as grease shields and special filters, the rooftop grease containment system is considered one of the most effective because it captures all particles before they can escape.

London Hood Cleaning provides professional installation, maintenance and repair services for rooftop grease containment systems in London, ON. We also offer expert advice on managing your kitchen’s grease best. Reach out to us today and discover why so many businesses turn to us for support in safeguarding their operations.


London Grease Containment Systems

London Hood Cleaning offers several rooftop grease containment options. Our most sought-after devices include:

  • Grease Catcher – This device is installed over your kitchen hood and captures the grease particles before entering the exhaust duct. It is usually installed in conjunction with a grease filter.

  • Grease Trap – This is a larger, more sophisticated device that captures the grease particles before they can escape into the atmosphere or water sources. It consists of a holding tank and an ingesting hood fan.

  • Grease Shield – A special filter installed in your kitchen’s ventilation system; this type of containment prevents grease from entering your exhaust ducts before it can be collected. Like the grease catcher, this one is typically used with a grease filter.

  • Grease Box – This is the large container where all collected grease gets stored until it can be properly disposed of. It usually comes equipped with a valve that allows for easy draining. It’s an affordable yet effective way to contain all the grease pulled from your kitchen.

  • Grease Gutter –  Installed around the perimeter of your kitchen’s hood, this containment collects any grease that falls off during meal preparation. This option is practical since it doesn’t require any additional equipment, such as fans or filters.

London Hood Cleaning is proud to provide these and other rooftop solutions for our customers in London, ON and beyond. Our top priority is ensuring our clients have access to the safest, most effective containment systems. Regardless of the size or scope of your kitchen, we know how to meet its containment needs. Contact us for more information!


Grease Containment Device Filter Cleaning

Aside from grease containment system supply and installation, London Hood Cleaning is also your best option for filter cleaning. All grease containment solutions come with a filter, and this component bears the greatest responsibility in blocking particles.

Filters require cleaning once you notice an increase in grease buildup. Regular maintenance helps reduce the risk of fire, air contamination and water pollution. We use advanced methods to thoroughly clean filters and extend their life expectancy as much as possible.

The need for the filter to be regularly cleaned cannot be undermined. So, we offer you our team of expert and qualified cleaners that will handle your filters with the utmost skill and care. Grease containment device filter cleaning is made up of four steps:

1. Removing the filters from the containment device

2. Washing them using a degreaser and water

3. Inspecting for any damage or clogs

4. Replacing with new filters if necessary

These steps are necessary to guarantee that your grease containment system works properly and that your kitchen is safe from grease fires and other health hazards.

For more information on our rooftop grease containment systems, filter cleaning services or any other solutions we provide in London, ON, don’t hesitate to reach out.


Grease Laden Vapours in London

The presence of grease-laden vapours in your London, ON, restaurant is one of the many consequences of an inefficient grease containment system. Grease vapours are combustible, which means these particles can ignite a fire and create dangerous situations for your restaurant staff and customers.

When the kitchen environment gets riddled with grease-laden vapours, the potential for a fire to start increases exponentially, in fact, research has shown that just six minutes of exposure to these dangerous vapours can lead to a full-blown grease fire.

The only way to combat the problem of grease-laden vapours is by installing an effective grease containment system. Not even daily cleaning of the kitchen equipment and surfaces can protect you from the dangers of grease vapours – not without the help of an efficient containment system.

We take pride in offering tailored rooftop containment systems that meet the exact requirements of your kitchen and effectively stop grease particles from polluting the environment. We will work with you to assess your restaurant’s specific needs and design a system that fits those needs, like a pair of gloves.


Grease Containment System

The upblast hood exhaust fan in your commercial kitchen discharges the grease, fat, and oil buildup created during cooking and cleaning. Without effective grease containment, this build-up will cause fires, leave unpleasant odours in your establishment, and damage equipment.

It’s not like you can leave the filth to accumulate on the rooftop and wait for it to spill to the ground. As you may know, this is a health hazard and will cause trouble with local authorities. The last thing you need for your business is a liability from a grease-related lawsuit.

The solution to this problem? Installing an effective rooftop grease containment system! It’ll cause you money, but it’s not as if it’s merely an option. All food service businesses in London, Ontario, must have a containment system.

Work with London Hood Cleaning to guarantee a compliant, safe, and environment-friendly restaurant. We’ll install the best containment system for your specific needs and offer filter cleaning services regularly. We’re even offering you a long-term maintenance plan to maintain your rooftop equipment.

Reach out to us today and get a free quote!



Grease Laden Flammable Vapours

Restaurants in London, ON must abide by a strict code of safety regulations. This is especially pertinent regarding the prevalence of grease-laden flammable vapours in commercial kitchens.

Grease residue can linger in the air for minutes, creating an intense fire hazard that puts your kitchen staff, equipment and customers at risk. An effective rooftop grease containment system is the best way to protect your restaurant from potentially disastrous fires.

Investing in a rooftop grease containment system merits the peace of mind that your kitchen is safe and compliant with London, Ontario’s fire regulations. At London Hood Cleaning, we guarantee that your restaurant, staff and customers are safe from fire hazards related to grease-laden flammable vapours.

We offer the following:

  • Grease containment systems based on your restaurant’s specific needs

  • Long-term maintenance and filter cleaning services

  • Inspection of the containment system

  • A free quote for your rooftop containment system

  • Passive fire protection services

Remember that all these services are on top of our industry-leading hood cleaning services. We also cater to kitchen equipment cleaning and pressure washing needs! Working with London Hood Cleaning means you get a one-stop shop for all of your restaurant’s kitchen safety needs.


Commercial Cooking Equipment in London

Whether you need a kitchen equipment inspection or fire protection services, London Hood Cleaning is the company to call. We specialize in all facets of restaurant safety, from grease containment systems to hood cleaning.

Kitchen Equipment Cleaning – The combination of steam and detergents makes this cleaning method highly effective and fast. We also rely on industry standards to ensure that your restaurant meets fire and health regulations.

Pressure Washing – Our pressure washing strategy eliminates grease and dirt from the kitchen exhaust, walls, ceilings and any other part of your restaurant with unparalleled results.

Filter Cleaning Services – Our filter cleaning services will eliminate residual grease buildup and restore air circulation within your kitchen.

Hood Cleaning – Our hood cleaning services prioritize the safety of your kitchen staff and customers. We also employ fire prevention methods to ensure that your equipment is up to code with local regulations.

You know who to call if you need any of these professional services. We’ve been in the restaurant cleaning industry for two decades, and with that comes unparalleled experience. Reach out to us now and get a free quote while you’re at it!


Passive Fire Protection System in London

Slowing down or impeding the effects of a would-be fire is the primary function of a passive fire protection system. London, ON, restaurants need this extra layer of fire protection to ensure that their commercial kitchen complies with local regulations. More importantly, these systems can help save lives in a kitchen fire.

At London Hood Cleaning, we guarantee that your restaurant meets local fire regulations and is as safe as possible. We offer a full suite of passive fire protection services, from installing containment systems to wall-lining systems.

In a passive fire protection system, stationary components like walls, floors and ceilings hold up against the spread of fire. These systems are located where grease-laden vapours are most likely present.

Remember that even with an active fire protection system, you can still invest in a passive one. It’s always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to fire safety, especially if your business depends on it. Call London Hood Cleaning, and let’s create a safer and more compliant commercial kitchen!