Pressure Washing Services

Deep cleaning the exterior of your property – be it your home or business, is more valuable than most people think. Investing in a pressure washing service restores your property’s aesthetic and functional value and extends its life by eliminating mould, mildew, and built-up dirt and grime.

Pressure washing offers a highly efficient way to clean outdoor surfaces, i.e., siding, decks, patios, driveways and sidewalks. London Hood Cleaning uses hot water and powerful pressure to remove dirt, mould and other contaminants from your home or business. We use both eco-friendly cleaning solutions and hot water high-pressure cleaning methods to ensure the best results for your property.

Call us to learn further about our pressure washing services and how they can benefit your property. We promise that the exterior of your home or business will be transformed!



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Pressure Washing Services Near Me

Did you know that pressure washing minimizes the presence of allergens in a property? This is possible as the water pressure effectively removes the dirt and pollen that can trigger allergies. Bacteria is usually carried by the wind and deposited on your siding, decks or fences. Pressure washing is the best way to remove bacteria and protect your family’s health while maintaining a beautiful home exterior.

In a commercial setting, i.e., a restaurant or fast-food chain, pressure washing is essential to maintain a good reputation and customer satisfaction. Since properties that house businesses are expected to have higher foot traffic, there’s also a higher chance of dirt and grime accumulation. Our pressure washing service will help you to get rid of these contaminants and keep the exterior of your property clean and professional-looking.

“Professional-looking” means clean and presentable. Pressure washing does the job of cleaning but also restores your property to its former glory, ensuring it looks neat.


Industrial Pressure Washing in London, ON

London Hood Cleaning accommodates all industrial pressure washing requirements, regardless of magnitude and complexity. We’re well-equipped with modern equipment to pressure wash the following:

  • Industrial Complex

  • Machinery Facilities

  • Factories

  • Manufacturing Plants

  • Warehouses

  • Loading Docks

London Hood Cleaning delivers a wide range of pressure washing services in London, ON. We have the expertise to complete any job – from small residential projects to large industrial ones. Contact us today!


Power Washing Services

Residential, commercial, or industrial – we go to your property with no conditions or restrictions. London Hood Cleaning offers a complete range of power washing services, such as:

  • House/Building Washing

  • Driveway and Patio Cleaning

  • Roof cleaning

  • Gutter cleaning

  • Concrete Sealing

  • Deck and Fence Restoration

  • Pool Deck Cleaning and More! 

No matter the size of the job, our team provides the same level of quality for all our power washing services. We leave no task unfinished and no corner uncleaned.


Commercial Pressure Washing in London

London Hood Cleaning is the definitive choice for commercial pressure washing in London, ON. Our team has accumulated a wealth of knowledge and experience to reinforce our power washing services. We grant deep cleaning solutions for properties, both small and large, with all the necessary tools to accomplish any job, regardless of size or difficulty.

Choose commercial pressure washing to attain the following perks:

  • Reasonably priced packages

  • Flexible payment terms

  • Highly detailed approach

  • Eco-friendly solutions

Our foremost concern is to deliver top-notch results and customer satisfaction. Contact us for your commercial pressure washing requirements.


Pressure Washing London, ON

Every property owner must consider investing in commercial pressure washing because some cleaning jobs are way too difficult and time-consuming to do by yourself. For instance, your deck or patio could desperately need a restorative cleaning job. Meanwhile, a restaurant or food truck business will need pressure washing technology to eliminate built-up grease in the kitchen exhaust system.

Whatever the reason, pressure washing is a solution that doesn’t have any alternative. Annual pressure washing will deliver unsurpassed cleaning results while keeping your property free of dirt and grime.

London Hood Cleaning is the definitive choice for pressure washing in London, Ontario. Give us a call right now so we can get things started.


Standard Pressure Washing Services

Standard pressure washing is designed to “deep clean” firm surfaces, i.e., walls, driveways, parking lots, and decks. This strategy is employed because the pressure from the water stream eliminates dirt, grime, and other residues that build up over time.

London Hood Cleaning offers standard pressure washing services as a standalone service or as part of an overall maintenance plan to keep your property looking professional-grade clean every day. Contact us today and get started!



Pressure Washing Service

Our pressure washing service uses high-end equipment combined with a team in this business for years. We guarantee you will get the best possible results with our pressure washing service in London, ON.

You can count on us to eliminate stubborn dirt, grime, and mildew stains from any hard surface:

  • Brick

  • Concrete

  • Wood

  • Aluminum Siding

  • Vinyl Siding

  • Stucco

  • Stone

  • Asphalt

  • And more! 

We will also offer you a complimentary inspection and provide an honest assessment of the condition of your property. You need to call our customer service team to get started.


Pressure Washing Sidewalks in London

We use three different nozzles and adjust the pressure accordingly to effectively rid your sidewalk of dirt effectively, grime and any other residue. The reason why there are three different nozzles is that every surface requires a different level of pressure.

For example, brick requires less pressure than concrete or asphalt, so we can ensure to breach the deep grooves and crevices previously difficult to reach. On the other hand, concrete and asphalt require the full power of a pressure washer to break through dirt, grime and other residues.

London Hood Cleaning is committed to providing you with high-quality services at an affordable price while guaranteeing that we maintain all safety protocols throughout the process.


Pressure Washing Drive-Thru's in London, ON

Due to the volume of traffic, it receives daily, drive-thru’s present a high risk of dirt and grime build-up. This can make your drive-thru area look unappealing and create a safety hazard for customers and employees.

London Hood Cleaning uses a proven pressure washing strategy to keep drive-thru’s presentable. The process begins with our team clearing the necessary space to pressure wash the area safely. Then, we use our pressure washer with a specially designed nozzle to penetrate deep grooves and crevices on paved surfaces.

It doesn’t take a lot of time to complete the job, and you’ll be amazed at how good it looks once we are done. Most importantly, there’ll be minimal disruption to your business.


Patio Pressure Washing in London

Patios require a different pressure washing approach because they are made up of different materials: brick, stone, concrete and other pavers. When the pressure is too high, it can cause damage to delicate surfaces such as bricks or stones.

London Hood Cleaning has years of experience in patio pressure washing and knows how to adjust the pressure depending on the surface’s requirements. The goal is to guarantee a clean surface while doing it with finesse.

Call our team to learn more about patio pressure washing on your London, Ontario, property.


Power Washing London Restaurant Hoods

Restaurant hoods are arguably the most difficult equipment to deal with in terms of cleaning. The build-up of grease and grime makes it impossible to scrub manually and requires power washing. We perform hood cleaning for all commercial kitchens using a degreasing solution, steam, and power washing technology.

With the help of our power washers, we can provide you with a deep clean that keeps your restaurant compliant with local fire and health codes. Give us a call now, and we’ll also throw in a free estimate!