Food Truck Hood Cleaning

A mobile kitchen ventilation system like the one fitted on a food truck can easily produce problems with the slightest negligence. Unlike a traditional commercial kitchen, food truck hoods have very limited space and airflow, which typically translates to higher grease accumulations, making a deep cleaning of the hood more important and necessary.

Regular cleaning of the food truck hood corresponds to the following:

  • Improved safety of the kitchen staff and customers and a better fire protection system.

  • Reduced risk of health code violations by keeping hoods clean and free of grease buildup.

  • The prolonged life expectancy of your food truck hood by avoiding an excessive accumulation of dirt and grime.

  • Improved airflow in the kitchen and increased energy efficiency of your food truck.

  • Improved aesthetics and performance of your mobile kitchen.

London Hood Cleaning delivers full-service hood cleaning for food trucks and mobile kitchens. Our team boasts an impressive resume in servicing all types and sizes of commercial kitchen exhaust systems – including those commonly found on food trucks.

Our cleaning package includes the following:

  • A detailed visual inspection of the food truck hood.

  • The dismantling of the hood components for intensive cleaning.

  • Use professional-grade detergents, degreasers, and solvents to eliminate debris and grease buildup on all surfaces.

  • Special attention is given to fire suppression systems, canopy filters, fan blades, and exhaust ducts.

  • Pressure washing all surfaces to remove dirt and debris and polish the exterior.

  • Re-assembly of the hood components using proper fasteners and bolts.

  • Final inspection to ensure the food truck hood is up to code and safe for operation.

Call our team today so we can customize a hood cleaning package for your food truck. We guarantee that our comprehensive hood cleaning services will help you easily pass any health and safety inspection.



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Food Truck Hood Cleaning

Food truck owners rave about the significant cut in overhead costs compared to traditional restaurants. But with these cost savings come unique challenges, such as the limited space and ventilation of their mobile kitchen exhaust systems.

Exhaust hoods in food trucks rely on a special ventilation system that runs off a generator and is designed to reduce the amount of smoke and steam. Keeping these systems operating properly is critical, and food truck hoods also need regular cleaning because they tend to collect grease and dirt quickly.

Count on London Hood Cleaning to handle regular hood cleaning for your food truck. We guarantee that there will be minimal disruption to your kitchen operations and that all safety protocols will be followed. Call us today for an appointment!


Cleaning Food Truck Exhaust Hoods in London

London Hood Cleaning has always relied on a proven strategy to handle the challenges brought upon by food truck exhaust hoods. If you choose us to work on your food truck, we’ll be performing these essentials for a complete and detailed cleaning:

1 – We check the upblast exhaust fan to see if it’s turning correctly.

2 – We inspect the fire suppression system to make sure it complies with local codes and standards.

3 – We use degreasers, solvents, and PROs (professional strength detergents) to clean all surfaces of hoods.

4 – We pressure wash all components of the exhaust t hood and its surfaces.

5 – We take a second look at the fire suppression system for any issues.

6 – We re-assemble the hood and all its components using appropriate fasteners, gaskets, and bolts.

7 – We’ll furnish a report of all work performed and any issues discovered.

Contact London Hood Cleaning today to book an appointment to clean your food truck exhaust hoods. We guarantee superior results at competitive prices!


London Food Truck Exhaust Hood

The filters, fans, and other components of a food truck’s ventilation hood work hard to keep the kitchen cool and safe. But no matter how well-designed these systems are, they will eventually accumulate grease and dirt.

Food truck operators don’t have the luxury of an exhaust hood cleaning service on-site. That’s why they count on London Hood Cleaning to provide superior maintenance and cleaning services for food truck exhaust hoods.

Our full-service cleaning solution perks include the following:

  • Detailed cleaning – Be wary of other hood cleaning companies with zero experience handling food trucks. They usually take a one-size-fits-all approach to their service. At London Hood Cleaning, we tailor our approach to each food truck and its unique needs.

  • Competitive rates – We provide the best value for your money without ever compromising on the quality of service or results. We’re reasonably priced and always competitive with other cleaning companies.

  • Fully-certified technicians- All our technicians are certified by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), which says a lot about the level of quality and safety we provide.

  • Chemical-free sanitation – We make no compromise when it comes to safety, and that includes the products we use. We only employ all-natural cleaning agents that are non-toxic and eco-friendly. t6545

  • Proper degreasing – We recognize that proper degreasing is essential to keeping a food truck’s kitchen exhaust system in peak condition. We do it by using a combination of solvents and detergents to get rid of dirt and grime.

Call us today to book an appointment for food truck exhaust hood cleaning in London, Ontario.


Food Truck Cleaning Guide in London

London is full of food trucks that serve delicious meals and treats to hungry customers. Although these mobile kitchens are convenient, you may be surprised to find out how much work goes into keeping them clean and safe for customers.

Here’s a guide on proper food truck cleaning in London, ON:

1 – Start by removing all items from the food truck and placing them in a safe spot.

2 – Clean all surfaces of the food truck with hot, soapy water and a stiff brush. Make sure to get into all nooks and crannies.

3 – Use an all-purpose cleaner to remove grease and stubborn bits of food stuck on surfaces.

4 – Disinfect all surfaces with an EPA-registered disinfectant to ensure they are free of bacteria, viruses, and other germs.

5 – Clean the floors and walls with a mop or scrub brush. Use a strong detergent to get rid of any stubborn dirt or grease.

6 – Wipe down all interior surfaces with a damp cloth to remove any remaining dirt.

7 – Clean the windows and mirrors, inside and out.

8 – Polish all metal surfaces in the food truck.

9 – Empty the refrigerator and freezer, then scrub down their interiors with a strong detergent or degreaser.

10 – Clean the interior and exterior of the oven, stovetop, and griddle.

11 – Vacuum or mop all floors to remove any dirt and debris.

12 – Polish all pipes and exhaust hoods with a degreaser. Make sure to get rid of any grease buildup on these surfaces.

13 – Clean and sanitize all kitchen utensils, equipment, and storage containers.

14 – Inspect the food truck for any remaining dirt or debris.

If you need help keeping your food truck clean and safe for customers, contact London Hood Cleaning. We’re happy to be of service to all food truck and mobile kitchen operators in London, Ontario, Canada.


Food Truck Maintenance Exhaust Fans and Hoods

At London Hood Cleaning, our commitment is to help you achieve a code-compliant food truck. Doing so requires a laid-out maintenance plan focused on the hood and exhaust fans. Here’s how we do it:

Inspect the hood and exhaust fans – Our first step is to inspect the hood and fan for any damage. This process helps us identify potential problems before they become full-fledged disasters.

Cleaning of vents and filters – We clean the hood, vent, and filter inside and out. This helps keep away grease buildup that could otherwise cause fires.

Strainer replacement – We replace old strainers that are no longer effective in filtering out grease and dirt from the kitchen’s exhaust system.

Motor lubrication – To ensure efficient operation, we regularly lubricate the fan’s motor. The goal is to extend its service life and reduce the noise produced during operation.

If you’re looking for a trustworthy service provider in London, Ontario, don’t hesitate to contact us.


Food Truck Exhaust Fan Cleaning

The upblast fan on your food truck’s ventilation system is the focal point of the exhaust system. It circulates air to remove odours and grease-laden vapours from the kitchen. It must always be clean, or it could become a fire hazard.

We start servicing your exhaust fan with an inspection to identify any structural damage that must be addressed before we move on to cleaning it. We then clean the fan, blades, and internal components with a degreaser and brush. We also inspect the bearings for wear and tear, replacing them if they’re no longer serviceable.

Finally, we lubricate all moving parts to ensure the fan operates without noise. After that, we reattach the fan to the exhaust vent and run tests to ensure it works flawlessly.



Expert Hood Cleaning for Food Trucks

The term “expert” means that we’ve done hood cleaning for food trucks countless times before. Be careful who you choose for service – some cleaning crews are clueless about the challenges of cleaning a food truck exhaust system.

We’re certified, so you have the assurance that we can handle the job. Plus, our team of cleaners has been trained to use the most effective cleaning methods and equipment for hood cleaning.

We always follow all guidelines from local authorities and fire marshals to ensure compliance during service. Contact us today if you want your food truck’s exhaust system cleaned by true experts in London, Ontario.


Gourmet Trucks in London

Gourmet trucks are those that cook and serve high-end meals. They tend to have more intricate ventilation systems than standard food trucks so the cleaning could be a tad complex. But don’t worry – London Hood Cleaning is more capable of handling gourmet truck hood cleaning needs, thanks to our years of experience in the business.

No matter what type of food truck you have, we can clean it for you. We use the most effective tools and cleaning methods to produce a safe, code-compliant truck in minimal time.


Pop-up Restaurant Food Trucks in London

London Hood Cleaning specializes in cleaning the exhaust system of pop-up restaurant food trucks. Our methodology is centred on customer safety and satisfaction. We never take shortcuts during the process and only use industrial-grade cleaning solutions that are effective against grease and residue.

Pop-up restaurants pose a unique challenge regarding kitchen exhaust hood cleaning. We are familiar with the complexities of pop-up restaurant food trucks, however, so you can trust us with your cleaning needs.


Food Truck Cantines in London

The most glaring challenge of handling food truck cantine hood cleaning is the limited space available in the canopies. Our years of experience make us experts in dealing with this issue. We perform the cleaning and maintenance in a laid-out system that includes scrubbing and wiping, vacuuming or pressure washing, and finally, filtering out the grease and dirt from the kitchen’s exhaust system.

London Hood Cleaning’s strategy includes using chemical-free degreasers, less reliance on hazardous foam, zero wastewater runoff, power washing, and steam. All these are meant to reduce the spread of odours and grease-laden vapours to ensure a safe working environment for your food truck.

If you have questions about the hood cleaning of your London food truck cantine or gourmet tuck, please call us immediately!