Restaurant Cleaning Services

A bustling food service business with extended service hours needs a well-laid-out plan for cleaning. It’s not only for compliance but also for the safety and health of your staff and patrons. A restaurant’s cleanliness should be the top priority, but it’s never the focal point of operations, as cooking and serving food usually take precedence.

The key to a clean and safe kitchen environment in your London, Ontario restaurant is having a professional cleaning company handle your cleaning needs. London Hood Cleaning’s restaurant cleaning includes the following services:

  • Floor cleaning and polishing

  • Walls, floors, and cooking equipment cleaning

  • Countertop and utensil sanitizing

  • Fridge, grills, ovens, and appliance deep cleaning

  • Ductwork and exhaust hood cleaning

  • Exhaust fan and ventilation system cleaning

  • Garbage disposal and grease trap maintenance

  • Drain line and sink scrubbing

Having a regularly scheduled clean corresponds to the least disruption for your restaurant’s operation. London Hood Cleaning offers a full range of professional restaurant cleaning services to our clients, and you can avail of them by calling us today.



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Restaurant Cleaning Services

London Hood Cleaning is Ontario’s most dependable commercial kitchen cleaner, with over two decades in the business of helping restaurants and food service establishments. Here’s a rundown of what’s included in London Hood Cleaning’s commercial kitchen cleaning services:

  • Exhaust hood and ductwork cleaning

  • Grease trap cleaning and maintenance

  • Ventilation system inspection and cleaning

  • Filter exchange

  • Pressure washing of walls and floors

  • Appliance deep-cleaning

  • Cleaning of all surfaces, including grills, ovens, and kitchen equipment

Call us if you need all these services. We’re open to long-term partnerships, too! We can provide maintenance services daily, weekly, or monthly. We also have an emergency cleaning service for times when your restaurant needs to be up and running as soon as possible.


London Restaurant Cleaning Company

As a top-tier restaurant cleaning company in London, Ontario, we have a solid background in restaurant kitchen and exhaust hood cleaning. Our team of skilled technicians is available round the clock to cater to your scheduled or emergency cleaning needs.

Hood Cleaning – We employ a steam and power washing combo and the latest cleaning products to eliminate grease, carbon deposits and dirt on kitchen hoods.

Ventilation System Cleaning – This service includes ductwork, exhaust fans, and roof fans. We make sure that ventilation systems pass the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Code 96 fire safety standards.

Kitchen Equipment Cleaning – We clean every surface and equipment inside the kitchen. This includes grills, ovens, refrigerators, freezers, exhaust fans and other appliances.

Pressure Washing – If your exterior needs cleaning, we have a comprehensive pressure-washing service to refresh your walls, driveways, patio, and decks.


Professional Restaurant Cleaning Services

London Hood Cleaning commits to the fulfillment of this restaurant cleaning checklist:

  • Cleaning and Polishing Floors – Restaurant floors house bacteria and contaminants more than any other area in a kitchen. We make sure that floors are scrubbed, mopped and sanitized to remove dirt, debris, grease and other contaminants.

  • Wall Cleaning – Walls should be properly cleaned and sanitized since they can become breeding grounds for bacteria. Our cleaners use mild detergents and an anti-bacterial solution to kill bacteria and germs.

  • Kitchen Equipment Cleaning – We guarantee that grills, ovens, microwaves, and all other appliances are thoroughly maintained to remain in perfect condition.

  • Countertop and Surface Sanitization – Countertops can easily accumulate bacteria from food prep and utensils. Our cleaners use an anti-bacterial solution to kill germs and keep surfaces safe.

  • Ceiling Ventilation – We check the condition of ventilation systems, fans, exhausts, and other air ducts to see if they are working optimally and emitting filtered air.

We’ll do our best to afford you top-notch commercial kitchen cleaning services in London, Ontario.  Feel free to call and ask us any questions about professional restaurant cleaning.


Restaurant Cleaning Services London

There’s more to cleaning a restaurant than wiping surfaces and washing dishes. Proper restaurant cleaning and maintenance are essential for a safe kitchen environment. For example, deep cleaning is required to eliminate the accumulation of grease and grime deposits in exhaust hoods, walls, and ductwork.

Contaminants may also be present on various kitchen surfaces, potentially leading to health issues. Professional restaurant cleaning service is an all-inclusive solution to maintain a healthy and safe restaurant environment. Here at London Hood Cleaning, our strategy includes an initial evaluation of the kitchen’s state, followed by a comprehensive cleaning, sanitation and maintenance plan.

Every part of the process is deemed essential, so we cover every area of your commercial kitchen. You can trust London Hood Cleaning for a professional restaurant cleaning service customized to fulfill the specific needs of your establishment.


Commercial Restaurant Cleaning Services in London

London Hood Cleaning delivers what is promised from the first contact and each subsequent visit. We have the expertise, equipment, and cleaning solutions for a safe and compliant kitchen environment so you can better serve your patrons.

Our commercial restaurant cleaning services include hood cleaning, pressure washing, ventilation system cleaning, kitchen equipment cleaning and countertop sanitization. Call our office today – we’ll be honoured to bring our expertise to your business.


Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Services

A restaurant is a place where people gather to enjoy food and company. And to be able to serve your customers, your job is to make sure the kitchen, where the food is prepared, is at its best.

London Hood Cleaning offers commercial kitchen cleaning services that guarantee a safe and up-to-code kitchen that your patrons can trust. We do:

  • Degreasing – We deep clean and degrease the kitchen equipment, walls, floors, and other surfaces for a clean workspace.

  • Sanitizing – We use professional cleaning solutions to sanitize all food contact surfaces so your customers can confidently and comfortably enjoy their meals.

  • Pressure Washing – We use pressurized water to blast away grime and residue from kitchen surfaces that have been neglected or forgotten. This ensures a safe environment for your employees and customers.

  • Exhaust Fan Cleaning – We check the condition of the exhaust fan and use degreasers and detergents to clean it with no small detail overlooked.

  • Appliance Maintenance – We can also inspect and maintain ovens, grills, deep fryers, microwaves and other appliances to guarantee they’re in excellent operating condition.

  • Bathroom Cleaning – Our service is inclusive, and we can also deep clean and sanitize your bathrooms to keep them germ-free.

  • Disinfection – Our cleaners use an anti-bacterial solution to kill germs and protect surfaces. We pay attention to every detail for a spotless kitchen environment you can be proud of.

Let cleaning be the least of your concerns by hiring London Hood Cleaning for professional restaurant cleaning services in London, Ontario.



London Restaurant Floor Cleaning Services

When it comes to restaurant cleaning, the floors are often forgotten. At London Hood Cleaning, we acknowledge the importance of proper floor maintenance in building a clean and safe kitchen. We use only quality industrial cleaning solutions to ensure your floors remain hygienic and free of food, grease, and dirt.

Our floor cleaning service involves using industrial-strength equipment that quickly removes all traces of stains and debris from tile, vinyl, and concrete floors. We strip away old wax build-up and seal and polish your floors for a deep clean.


Professional Restaurant Cleaners in London

Cleaning your restaurant on your own may be too overwhelming at times because of the many tasks that need to be done. So, investing in a partnership with London Hood Cleaning will make things easier for you. But more importantly, delegating the task to our qualified cleaners means taking these perks along the way:

Affordable and competitive rates

• High-quality cleaning services

• Professional cleaners with years of experience

• Flexible scheduling tailored to the specific needs of your food service business.

Give us a call today! We’ll be on standby for all your commercial cleaning needs in London. Let us help you create and sustain a safe kitchen environment.


Cleaning Techniques and Equipment Used in Restaurants

London Hood Cleaning has been using these techniques and equipment in cleaning restaurants all over the city:

Professional cleaning solutions and disinfectants

• Pressure washers and steam cleaners

• Polishers and scrubbers

• Vacuum cleaners, mops, buckets, and other cleaning tools.

We also practice preventive maintenance to avoid costly repairs or replacements in the future. Our techniques are designed to give your kitchen a deep clean minus any risk of equipment and surface damage.